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How do I maintain my privacy if I upgrade to Flext Premium?

When you upgrade to Flext Premium, you are required to provide bank card information for payment. Normally this would connect your identity to your account. To prevent this connection, we recommend purchasing a prepaid debit card (usually available at any grocery or convenience store). Pay for this card with cash. Thi…

How do I request to have my account and associated data deleted?

Flext may store the following information: * Your wireless telephone number * Your email address * Your sent texts and files * Your received texts and files * The telephone numbers and labels for where you have sent or receive texts * Your contact list (if you specifically gave us permission to access thi…

How does flext keep me anonymous?

Other second phone line companies ask for your real phone number. That connects the conversation to you. If you choose our anonymous version, we only ask for your email address and email address can be created anonymously. So, if you don't want the conversation tied back to you, get a new email address. That's REAL an…

Does Flext share your private information?

No! We don't sell your info, That's annoying. So, we don't do it.

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